Publish your child’s book

Savour their imagination

Does your child have a vivid imagination? Are they constantly story-telling, writing or drawing? Don’t let the special stories run away, and capture their imagination in an illustrated children’s book.

It’s the making of a tale that will be read time and time again.

Our Promises

Inspired by your child, we don’t take anything away from the story they want to tell. With an Ending Guarantee we can ensure your the published story received is true to their imagination.

Author’s Guidance

Our illustrators, work by the guidance of your child’s imagination to ensure they sketch true to what your child’s had in mind. After all they are the author.

Enhance for digital

Inspired by your child’s artwork, our designers digitally develop each drawings to interlace into the story and prepared ready for publishing.

Ending Guarantee

Ending Guarantee means your child is in control of the edit suite. No artwork is made final without their approval. After all they are the author.

Quick Publish

There’s no monkeying around! Once we have all artwork approved, your child’s work will published and receive within a month.

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